Q. I have had one session of chemo and my hair is beginning to thin out. I have read that you should not have your head shaved. Why?

A. We would advise you to have your hair cut really short, about two inches overall, and let it fall out naturally. This will give you a nice soft covering .

Shaving can sometimes lead to irritation, and as your scalp may be sensitive at this time, you do not want the feeling of bristles as well.  


Q. What shampoo should I use after I lose my hair?

A. Anything EXCEPT baby shampoo. Since the skin on your face is the same as the skin on your scalp, just use whatever you use to wash your face.


Q. I have finished all my chemo treatments. Can I color my hair now?

A. It's best to wait about 6-9 months to ensure that all of the “vellus” hair has grown out and is cut off so that your color will take evenly.

“Velllus” is the first hair that will appear on your scalp. It is hair with no pigment and looks a bit frizzy and curly.  It should be trimmed off when you have about three inches of hair growth.

If you haven’t had any grey or white hair previous to your treatment, you most likely won't get this side effect. The more white you had, the more likely you are to get vellus hair.


Q. How can I keep my wig from slipping up the back of my head?

A. We have a new band called The Hair Grip that solves this problem perfectly.

Have a look at this in our online store. It works for every head shape and size.


 Q. My hair has been thinning out a lot lately and I can see more scalp than I would like to.  What should I do?

A. Although there are many things on the market that promise thicker fuller hair, they just simply don’t work.

If you have a slight amount of hair loss, try a top of the head “toppette” in either synthetic or human hair.

If you have a noticeable and larger area of hair loss, your best bet is a full hair system.