Lora & Tara   (who may or may not be wearing wigs)

Lora & Tara (who may or may not be wearing wigs)

We provide solutions for many types of hair loss in women, men and children.

Full wigs in the finest human or synthetic hair, clip on hairpieces in many sizes and lengths, both human and synthetic hair.

Our clients may include those dealing with chemotherapy and radiation hair loss issues, all degrees of alopecia, and those needing a prosthesis to cover brain tumour scars.

Female and male pattern hair loss, obsessive compulsive disorders such as trichotillomania, and hair that has thinned due to age, medication and other health issues.

We are proud to be LGBTQ-friendly.

Services to your existing hairpiece or full hair system, such as shampoo condition and style, reshaping and styling, color and perms.

For those who purchase our wigs, we provide a “cosmetic haircut” free of charge.

We carry attractive headwear and scarves, sleep caps and baseball caps with hair.

All consultations are free at our showroom, and In home and in hospital appointments in the area are available for a set fee which will be applied to your purchase.

Please note: 

Be sure of your purchase, as wigs and hairpieces are non refundable, non returnable and non exchangeable, without exception.

We service wigs and hairpieces only, and are not a hair salon offering cuts, colouring or hair styling for the general public.

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