Medical Image Wigs provides you with accurate information on the specific hair loss issues you are facing. We carry the finest quality wigs on the market today to make you look and feel as natural as possible. More than just a store selling wigs, we are here to answer your questions and provide services for as long as you need to wear your wig or hairpiece. We provide options and give you choices so you are not limited. 

We encourage you to bring family or friends to help you decide on your purchase. 

Our business success has been built on honesty, fairness and client referral due to our excellent reputation. We have been operating our wig salon and showroom since 1998. 

Medical Image is a regular donor of wigs and headwear to local wig banks. 

Home, hospital and nursing home appointments are available upon request.


                                            ...yes, it's a wig!

                                          ...yes, it's a wig!




Lora is a qualified hairstylist, hairdressing instructor and colour technician. She was the first wig specialist with the Look Good Feel Better program at Wellspring Oakville and has volunteered for the Look Good Feel Better Program in Scarborough, Hamilton, Oakville and Mississauga. Members of her family have had breast, colon and skin cancer which gave her the compassion and passion to help those dealing with cancer. 





Our areas of expertise include: Chemotherapy, Alopecia, Thinning Hair, Male & Female Pattern Baldness, Transgender, Trichotillomania, Psoriasis, Brain Tumours, Telogen Effluvium and Lupus.

Please feel comfortable with the fact that you will have complete privacy and that all consultations are kept confidential. We do not ask you to disclose any personal information or complete any forms which ask you to disclose medical history, your current health condition or any treatment that you are receiving.

We do not (and are not qualified to) give advice or opinions on your condition. Our area of expertise is non surgical hair replacement.

We want you to look your best while you are going through what may be a difficult and stressful time.

We invite you to book your free consultation with us today. Although we do have a large stock of products, your items may need to be ordered and could take between 7-10 days to arrive. We look forward to meeting and working with you.